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Standard Gutter Guard

Our Standard Gutter Guard is an excellent low cost option for many roofs.

It is still the same great, long lasting product with a 10 year warranty - the only difference is the way it is installed.

Standard gutter guard is installed inside the gutter - as opposed to the 'ski-slope' installation of Premium Gutter Guard. It will keep out leaves and debris and allow free flow of water in the gutters, reducing the frequency of gutter cleans.

Standard Gutter Guard can be installed on both metal and tiled roofs:

  • Australian Made and Tested
  • UV Treated & Tested to Australian Climatic conditions
  • Available in Charcoal colour only (Not easily visible as it's in the gutter)
  • 10 year product warranty
  • HDPE - High Density Polyethelyne with 3,8mm apperture
  • Anti-sheeting (Water will still get into the gutters, it wont sheet straight over the gutters)
  • Easy to remove and clean underneath when necessary