HDPE Polymesh

Our premium Australian Made HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Gutter guard mesh is manufactured to precise and proven specifications to ensure it can take anything the harsh Australian climate throws at it.

The diamond shaped hole size of 3.9mm x 4.9mm is optimum for excluding debris and vermin but allowing water to enter into the guttering without rain sheeting over the gutters.

  • Australian Made and Tested
  • Superior heavy mesh weight of 750grams/m2
  • UV Treated & Tested to Australian Climatic conditions
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • New Improved Anti-sheeting '2D' accepts even more rain water!
  • Cost effective long term solution

Premium Polymesh perfectly colour matched to blend into a flat tiled roof

Product Information

Our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) mesh is the best quality gutter guard on the market today - or we wouldn't use it.

Our Premium Gutter Guard is made from the highest quality raw material available using virgin (new) HDPE polymer and not recycled, as recycled material does not stand up to our harsh Australian sun.

We confidently provide a written guarantee for 10 years as we know from years of experience and direct observation that our gutter guard performs better than any competing plastic, and even most metal gutter guards and protectors.

Premium Polymesh fitted to a concrete tile roof

HDPE mesh can be fitted on all roof types and is ideal for servicing both gutters and valleys. The unique diamond shaped holes/apertures assist in sheeting reduction. Sheeting is what happens when an inferior designed mesh prevents rain from entering the gutters and it sheets straight over the gutters to the ground below (It's like not having gutters at all!)

The new scientifically designed '2D' mesh aperture allows maximum water to penetrate through the mesh and enter your gutters yet keeping the maximum amount of leaf, vermin and debris out.

Metal Roofs:

With metal roofs our Premium Gutter Guard is fitted using Colorbond© clips and trim in the colour and style of the roof - such as if its Corrugated or Trim-deck.

Tile Roofs:

Our Premium Gutter Guard can be used on most tiled roofs to protect gutters & valleys. Most? Yes, some tiles, like large rounded spanish tiles just don't look good with gutter guard!

Onsite Inspection and Quote:

We work on roofs and gutters every day - all over Sydney. Why not make the most of our experience and skill by allowing us to inspect your roof and give you the most specific solution for your properties needs?

We will look at how much debris there will be, the pitch of the roof, the subtrate (tiled or steel) and how aesthetically pleasing the result will be and then give you the best solution and service.

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We offer a 10 to 15 year written manufacturer backed warranty, and guarantee our workmanship for 6 years. If this product fails you we will replace it at no cost to you any time during its warranty period.